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We offer the best recovery gifts for those in AA and other 12 Step Programs. Alcoholics Anonymous Gift and merchandise. Fun in sobriety is what it is all about. We make quality recovery gifts for those in recovery by those in recovery.

Top brands such as American Apparel and many green items such as organic and bamboo tshirts. Recovery merchandise such as sneakers, mouse pads, and our cool new baby cloting line. If you see a design and want to put it on a specific product go to our sister recovery gift store and design your own.


Our favorite funny saying.  This shirt says my sponsor can beat up your sponsor.
This is the recovery devil's claw design.  Very cool design with the classic circle and triangle of recovery.
AA Freedom Wings
AA Top Gun
Easy Does It
with AA Motorcycle
Choose your shirt, then choose the shirts . See a preview of it once it is in your cart.

All of our
Sober Not Dead™ brand of Alcoholics Anonymous recovery gifts feature the
Sober Not Dead™ logo on the back in a matching color

recovery aa 12 step shirt tshirt that lets you write your own test
Live and Let Live
with AA Motorcycle
Sober Not Dead Sober Not Dead™
Sober Not Dead™
Motorcycle Club
AA Motorcycle Wing Sober Not Dead™
Motorcycle Club Design #2
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