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Clean And Sober Not Dead™
Motorcycle Club Logo #2

Recovery Design

The Clean And Sober Not Dead MC logo #2 can be up to 3 different colors. The maltese cross with the words Clean And Sober Not Dead is the official logo of the sober motorcycle riding group of the same name.

 This is the official logo design for the website Clean and Sober Not Dead MC and is exclusively offered only at Serenity Happens

About Jitoma, artist, silversmith
Jitoma's works have a cutting edge to them featuring designs that show his unique recovery style. Jitoma celebrates sobriety through making art that reflects the fun in living life sober. He utilizes various mediums in making his recovery art including digital, watercolor, oils, sculpture and silversmithing. Get your recovery gift today and enjoy an original art design by Jitoma.


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