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Soberado™ Brand
Recovery Gifts


Soberado™ Brand
Recovery Gifts


Funny Recovery Gifts Store


Our Soberado™ brand of recovery gifts are a great way to have some fun in sobriety. Share some original recovery humor with some of our funny recovery gifts. Our recovery gifts are oriented to people in Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 step programs. Our Soberado™ branded recovery gifts feature funny original sayings by the most interesting guy in recovery. Have some fun with some Soberado Gear. You can join Soberado at his website and follow legend himself through his newsletter and twitter feed.

Soberado is the most interesting man in recovery. A home school graduate of Harvard University in prescriptive etymology, Soberado has become this generations recovery bellatrist. His prodigious insight into recovery was first published while he was at the famed Ebby Thatcher Institute shaping early recovery theorem. Soberado is often the featured speaker at international 12 step conventions that meet in his living room at his unspoken suggestion.


Soberado™ recovery gifts are exclusively offered at Serenity and the recovery gift store.
Our favorite funny saying.  This shirt says my sponsor can beat up your sponsor.
Clean And Sober Not Dead Skull Design 2
My Sponsor Can Beat Up Your Sponsor
The Monkey Is Off My Back But The Circus Is Still In Town©
My bad, I thought you said STREAKER MEETING
Choose your shirt, then choose the shirts . See a preview of it once it is in your cart.
One of our favorite top sellers.  This is our recovery big curls design. Way cool design for those happy in recovery.  This shirt has the recovery sun flame design. Recovery sun arrow design on many items.  Click here to see more.
Balk Balk Balk
Sometimes When I'm Alone I 13th Step myself
I May Not Be Much But I'm All I Think About

Recovery Gifts Store

I Tried To Drown My Emotions but The Bastards Learned To Swim
Clean and Sober
That's How I Roll
recovery aa 12 step shirt tshirt that says If found I belong at the last house on the block.  For me, AA was the last house on the block that would have me!
If Found I belong at the last house on the block Hot Single & Sober Got Sponsored?
A little insult goes a long way.  This shirt says I Sponsor Your Mother You know you use to do it.  Now let the world know that you didn't sleep on my lawn last night thanks to doing some simple steps AA coffee oriented tshirt that says I'm not here for the coffee
I Sponsor Your Mother
I Didn't Sleep On My Lawn Last Night
I'm Not Here For The Coffee
Ever show up in your birthday suit because you misread what type of meeting it was?  This shirt says My Bad, I thought you said "Streaker Meeting". We know that some are.  This shirt says I'm Sicker Than Others Every group has one.  Now you can be the official A A-Hole
My Bad, I Thought You Said STREAKER MEETING I'm Sicker Than Others A A-Hole


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