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Soberlicious™ Brand
Sobriety Gifts


  Soberlicious™ Brand
Recovery Gifts

Sobriety 12 Step Recovery Gifts And AA Merchandise

Our Soberlicious™ brand features sexy sayings for the sober. Sobriety is sexy in my book. Enjoy the fun of our Soberlicious™ line of recovery gifts. You can see all of our soberlicious gifts and more at

Soberlicious™ recovery gifts are exclusively offered at Serenity, and the recovery gift store where you can design your own recovery gifts.

Visit for all of our recovery gifts with the Soberlicious brand logo.
Try Our Coffe It's Soberlicious
Soberlicious™ AA Symbol
Choose your shirt, then choose the shirts . See a preview of it once it is in your cart.
Our favorite funny saying.  This shirt says my sponsor can beat up your sponsor. Classic Coat of Arms logo for Clean and Sober Not Dead.  The logo has the circle and triangle in the shield along with a crest and the saying Clean and Sober Not Dead Recovery sun arrow design on many items.  Click here to see more.
Soberlicious™ Keeping It Real One Day At A Time
Soberlicious w/ Lips
Sober Bitch
aa t shirt that says Sweet & Sober recovery aa 12 step shirt tshirt that says Sobriety is Sexy
Sweet & Sober
Hot Single & Sober
Sobriety Is Sexy
Recovery aa 12 step shirt tshirt that says Sexy & Sober Alcoholics Anonymous Gift...  Many recovery slogans on ladies underware. Who's your daddy?  One of our favorite top sellers.  This is our recovery big curls design.
Sexy & Sober
Ladies Hip Huggers with many different slogans and designs
Hot Single & Sober
Recovery Big Curls Design
Soberlicious™ Lips Logo Design
Recovery Sun Arrow Design
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